About Branch
Udaipur Branch of CIRC of ICAI was established on 20.01.1984 vide notification dated 23.02.1984. Since then, the Branch is actively serving the members of Udaipur and surrounding places.

The Branch acquired its own land for construction of building and foundation stone was laid by then Vice-President, ICAI, CA. Sunil Goyal in February, 2004. By the whole hearted cooperation and support of all members and institute, ICAI Bhawan was completed on January, 2005 and was inaugurated by then President, ICAI, CA. Sunil Goyal.

Construction of second phase of building was commenced in September, 2007, for which foundation stone was laid by then State Home Minister, Government of India, Shri Shriprakah Jaiswal. The second phase was completed in March, 2008 and was inaugurated by then Vice-President, ICAI, CA. Uttam Prakash Agrawal.

Today, ICAI Bhawan is pride of Udaipur Branch. It is one of the finest buildings of ICAI Branches. The branch building has infrastructure for organizing conferences, meetings, classes and lectures. The building has 2 conference halls, an IT lab, Class rooms, Reading room. Library room and is also equipped with elevator.

The Information Technology Training Lab (ITT Lab) of the branch was inaugurated in March, 2007 by then CCIT, Udaipur, Shri Vijay Ranjan. The capacity of the ITT Lab was increased and the Lab was refurnished in August, 2008 and was inaugurated by State Minister, PWD, Government of Rajasthan, Shri Pramad Jain.

Presently, the branch has around 1000 members and 7000 students in its jurisdiction. The branch is organizing GMCS classes, Orientation Training and ITT for students. The branch has organised various batches of DISA classes for members.
List of Chairman-Secretaries Of Udaipur Branch
Year Chairman Secretary
1984-85 CA. G.G. Agarwal CA. Suresh Nyati
1985-86 CA. M.L. Surana CA. M.M. Patidar
1986-87 CA. J.S. Nainawatiee CA. Anil Shah
1987-88 CA. J.S. Nainawatiee CA. N.K. Singhvi
1988-89 CA. B.L. Shah CA. Ravindra Guneta
1989-90 CA. O.P. Chaplot CA. Rajeev Saxena
1990-91 CA. Rajeev Saxena CA. P.C. Nalwaya
1991-92 CA. Arvind Agrawal CA. A.M. Sheikh
1992-93 CA. A.M. Sheikh CA. S.C. Jain
1993-95 CA. S.C. Jain CA. A.M. Shaikh
1995-96 CA. Arvind Shah CA. Nirmal Dhakar
1996-97 CA. P.C. Nalwaya CA. Devendra Punjawat
1997-98 CA. Devendra Punjawat CA. A.L. Baldi
1998-99 CA. Anil Shah CA. Nirmal Kunawat
1999-00 CA. Subhash B. Chittora CA. Nirmal Kunawat
2000-01 CA. P.C. Shah CA. Anil Shah
2001-02 CA. N.K. Valawat CA. Rakesh Lodha
2002-03 CA. C.S. Nenawati CA. Rakesh Lodha
2003-04 CA. C.S. Nenawati CA. Rakesh Lodha
2004-05 CA. S.C. Ajmera CA. H.S. Nenawati
2005-06 CA. Rakesh Lodha CA. H.S. Nenawati
2006-07 CA. H.S. Nenawati CA. D.C. Agarwal
2007-08 CA. D.S. Babel CA. Mahaveer Chaplot
2008-09 CA. Nirmal Dhakar CA. D.C. Agarwal
2009-10 CA. Mahaveer Chaplot CA. Kamna Punjawat
2009-10 CA. V.S. Nahar CA. D.C. Agarwal
2010-11 CA. Sangeeta Bordia CA. Gaurav Vyas
2011-12 CA. Sudhir Mehta CA. Deepak Aren
2012-13 CA. Gaurav Vyas CA. Deepak Aren
2013-14 CA. Yogesh Chandra Pokharna CA. Rohan Mittal
2014-15 CA. Sunil Badala CA. Yogesh Chandra Pokharna
2015-16 CA. Rohan Mittal CA. Adab Babel
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